About Us

Since 1947 our company has been a leading manufacturer of synthetic
Sapphire and Ruby components and special parts. Due to the superior
quality of our Swiss made products, our company has a solid reputation
and is well established in many industrial markets worldwide.

We are highly specialised in manufacturing precision synthetic Sapphire
and Ruby parts. Our target is both to develop new products and to
optimise current ones. With our know-how, our ability of continuing
innovation and the precious experience we built up over the years, 
we work closely with the design departments of our customers.
We manufacture more than 2000 different parts, out of which more
than one third is made by special parts.
The main industrial fields we supply are the following:
Biotechnology, the medical industry, the communication industry,
ink jet printing, water jet cutting, the space and aircraft industry,
the computer industry, oil and marine research, precision instruments,
the chemical industry, the watch industry and a variety of other categories.
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