Applications & Shapes

Starting from the raw Sapphire and Ruby material (boules), we manufacture parts, such as the following:

» Orifice Vee Jewels for gas, liquid or airflow, with ID starting from .0010 inches
   (25 micron) 
» Nozzles for ink jet printing
» Nozzles for water jet cutting
» Nozzles for medical and biomedical applications
» Insulators, cylinders, tubes
» Knife edges / blades for various applications
» Lenses
» Sapphire valves with seats for Ruby balls and Sapphire plungers
» Windows in different shapes (round, square, rectangular)
» Styli for various applications
» Wire guides for various applications
» Balls in Sapphire and Ruby for valves, profilometers and fiber optic connectors

We have also a traditional production, consisting of the manufacture of components, such as the following:
» All the types of jewels for the watch industry
» Vee jewels for Ohmmeters, Voltmeters and other indicating meters
» All types of straight or olive hole ring jewels, with single or double cup; flat or bombé
   endstones for general instrumentation.
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